Information and Advice

Assessment and services

To assess the need for support services, an Adoption Support social worker will request details of your circumstances and your child's needs. For example, if there are extra expenses because your adopted child has a disability, you may get help with these costs.

Counselling, advice and information

Adoptive parents can be given counselling, advice and information by the adoption support services at any time. Adopted children are also entitled to therapeutic services to assist them with their understanding of adoption and becoming part of a new family. PAC-UK help to provide many of these services for us.

PAC-UK’s Partnership with Local Authorities

By working in partnership with PAC-UK, we are able to offer choice, independence and quality support services to people affected by adoption and permanent placements. The Consortium is delighted to say that we have commissioned a comprehensive Education support service to Adopters, Special Guardians and Permanent Carers from our six boroughs. The service includes an Education Advice Line, consultation sessions, a monthly support group focusing on Education and an annual training course. The Education service is designed to complement the support you organise for your child from the school via the Pupil Premium and is detailed in the Education Service leaflet below.

PAC-UK General Leaflet

Adoption North London Education Service Leaflet

Adoption North London Birth Mothers Leaflet