Can I adopt with you if...

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I'm single or living with someone?

Yes! You don't have to be married to adopt. Single men and women can be great adoptive parents.  We also welcome applicants who are living together in a long-term relationship.

I'm over 40 years old?

Yes! There's no upper age limit to adopt. All we ask is that you're fit and healthy enough to care for a child into adulthood. As part of the adoption process, we'll ask you to have a full medical with your GP.

I'm gay, lesbian or transgender?

Yes! Your sexuality is unimportant when it comes to adoption. We're only interested in your potential to become a great parent. 

I am unemployed?

Yes! As long as you are financially stable and would be able to support yourself and a child without too much financial strain, then we want to hear from you.

I work full time?

Yes! As long as you can demonstrate that you're able to meet the needs of an adoptive child. For example, would your employer support you in taking adoption leave so you can help your son or daughter settle in their new home?

I live in rented accommodation?

Yes! You don't need to be a homeowner to adopt. As long as you have a secure tenancy and enough space to care for a child or children then we would love to hear from you. 

I don't live in North London?

Yes! We welcome enquiries from anyone living within an hour's drive from us.

I have children of my own?

Yes! Some experience with children is essential as part of your adoption assessment so this will set you in good stead. Your own children's views and feelings will be explored as part of the adoption assessment as they are essential to making a successful adoptive placement.