Intercountry Adoption

Intercountry adoption is where a person adopts a child from another country. The child then moves legally and permanently from their birth family to another family.

To help with this, each Local Authority within the North London Adoption Consortium offers adoption assessments, counselling and support after placement, and help with contact arrangements.

England and Wales have the same standards for all people wanting to adopt, whether intercountry or domestic. Each country overseas has its own standards and guidelines on who is eligible to adopt a child from their country.

North London Consortium will refer you to an agency who works with families wanting to adopt from abroad.

It may be helpful to speak to a social worker about the reasons you wish to adopt from abroad as your requirements could be met through a domestic adoption.

Inter-Country Adoptions are dealt with by the Intercountry Adoption Centre, which has a contract with The North London Consortium.