Useful Books and Leaflets

Your journey with adoption will always be a learning process; learning more about yourself, your child and parenting. We have put together a short list of books and guides available to help you along each step of the way.

Birth parents of adopted children

PAC-UK offer advice and support for those parents and relatives whose children may live with adopted families now or in the future.

The CoramBAAF website can point you in the direction of additional support to help you through and after the adoption order has been granted. Their website also provides information about the processes and what you can expect if your child is adopted, including what contact you can have with them.

For more information, read their advice notes 

  • If your child is being adopted (and you agree)
  • If your child is being adopted (and you don't agree)
  • Contact: if your child is being adopted

Perspective adopters

There are a lot of questions you will have at this stage of the adoption process, and a decision will not be made over night.

First 4 Adoption have put together these guides for people thinking about adoption

  • Becoming and adopter: step by step
  • Thinking about adoption… if you already have children
  • Thinking about adoption… fertility issues
  • Thinking about adoption… single adopters

First 4 Adoption and CoramBAAF also recommend these books by experienced adopters.

  • The Adopter’s Handbook, by Amy Neil Slater
  • Adopting a Child, by Jenifer Lord


Adoptive parents

The PAC-UK General information leaflet tells you about advice and support available to you as an adopter. They also provide information about Premium Plus and understanding the educational processes and school systems.

Suggested reading for adopters

  • The Pink Guide to Adoption for Lesbians and Gay Men – Nicola Hill
  • What to Expect When You’re Adopting – Dr Ian Palmer
  • An Adoption Diary – Maria James

It is not uncommon for those who have adopted to adopt again. So First 4 Adoption have put together their guide Thinking about adoption… again to help you think about the process and how it might be different a second time around.


Books for children

Children will be affected by the adoption process and may need help understanding what adoption means for them. There are a selection of books designed to help them and can be found on the CoramBAAF and First 4 Adoption websites. Here are a few suggestions:

  • The Most Precious Present in the World – Becky Edwards
  • Dad David, Baba Chris and Me – Ed Merchant
  • Adopting a Brother or Sister – Hedi Argent